Saturday, April 26, 2008

St Croix Terrier Trials I & II

Trial Info
St. Croix Terrier Trials I & II
May 3-4 2008 Washington County Fairgrounds Lake Elmo MN
Conformation: Joan Crouse ( Sat) TBA (SUN)
Racing Stephanie Poppe, GTG Beckey Whaley (Sat)
GTG Stephanie Poppe (SUN)
Youth and Child High Point New this year
For More information contact Joanne Van Horn
or Laura Breckheimer
St. Croix Terrier Trial May 2008 Flyer Entry Forms May 2008 Trial I & II

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Artic Blast Terrier Fun Day!!!!

Check back for rescheduled date

Friday, April 18, 2008


Bagg End Dobby

Iden Rye Quake x Pheasant Hill Tomahawk

Thursday, April 17, 2008

How it all began

Some 3 years ago tragedy struck our household with the passing our beloved Jack named Teagan. It soon became apparent that we needed someone to fill her shoes if possible. Her housemate Frodo was so lonely and our children couldn't seem to fill her spot for him. So we went searching and found a sweet girl, that the kids and Frodo agreed on. She wasn't my first choice.

Alex Iden convinced me to come to a trial. I watched the racing and go-to-ground. I decided that the dog I got from her maybe able to do all these things, but never was my fat Frodo going to know how to, or for that matter be able to.

I'm sure this was an intervention to see the er of my ways,an save poor poor Frodo!

Well convinced we should go to another and this time participate ---even Frodo

So we entered him, and away went him and the kids. My husband and I just kinda following behind.Sure that this was going to end in disaster and heartbreak. Frodo had never seen or done anyof this.

Boy was I surprised... my couch prince took off out of the gate like a shot! and even placed 2nd

So then we were on our way